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Auto-immune Disorder, 27 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Talking to my 27 year old client who suffered from constipation since teenage years.

IBS, fatigue especially after lunch, recently migraine was so serious that she vomited and was admitted into hospital. She had sinus, eczema too. I asked what motivated her to come for a detox program. She said she felt something was not right because her face was very oily too. Yes she is right.

If you are at tip top healthy state, your skin should be nice and smooth, and you should not have any pain or symptoms.

Hers is an autoimmune disorder case. Own immune system attacking herself. This type of body is the most difficult to rebalance because most of the time, stress and nutrient imbalance has reached a level that it is not so straightforward to just nourish the body and you could see results.

They must detox, but usually during detox, some healing crisis may happen. I have to monitor her very closely in terms of diet, lifestyle and supplement dosage. For such body, I do not suggest you detox on your own without a health coach. You may end up with more problem because nutrient is your only hope, not crash diet or much exercise. You may faint or put on more fats.

Jacelyn Tay 23/11/2018

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