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Weight Problems, Rashes, Fatty Liver, High Uric Acid, 52 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This client loves red wine and whisky. Because of stress and lifestyle, she had fatty liver in May 2019 and high uric acid too.

Before menses, she would suffer from migraine. She managed it with painkillers. She had knee pain for the past 2-3yrs, back pain, shoulder ache, rashes, dry skin when there is dust. Her leg was numb as well. She could not sleep well and relied on sleeping pills quite often. She was on anti-histamines for her rashes when she came. After she started #2OneResetDetoxProgram at Body Inc., she could sleep well for the last two months. She need no more anti-histamine for her rashes. Her Visceral Fat went from 6 to 5 and weight down by 5kg. I would say pretty well-done for someone going through menopause.

Only for the past week she couldn't sleep well because of her boss who was very negative and impatient. She started taking sleeping pills. I advised that toxic people are very damaging to our brain and health. It was quite impossible for her to change job especially at this age. However, maybe she could find more positive people to support her and inject more fun and laughter into her life to balance it. And try as much as possible to block this negative boss out of her mind.

When mind is affected by toxic memories, it sends signal and electric current down the nerves to produce toxic chemicals and under or over-produces hormones in the body which causes an imbalance situation inside.

The immune system then weakens and that person may end up with various diseases. We don't have to be stuck in a negative environment.

We always have a choice.

Block your mind, and clear off negative thoughts whenever possible. Be careful of what you allow into your mind.

Jacelyn Tay 17/01/2020

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