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Good Management Reduces Stress.

Monday blues? A stress-free life depends on your management skills.

A person who fails to manage people and set boundaries will be managed by other people. Failure to manage finances might render a person poor and stressed. Failure to manage health? He will not be well and lacks energy forever.

A person’s space is a reflection of how clear his mind is. If his house is messy, full of redundant stuff, a messy room reflects his poor habit of organization and planning. How could such a person have clarity in his work and life?

Most of the time, we are taught to get more and more things, earn more money by doing more. How many really could handle more? You can’t keep what you can’t manage. In the end, you will be drowned by them. Followed by stress, poor health, eventually a messed-up life with frustration. A person who can manage gets more with less efforts and leads a balanced, stress-free life (or at least less stress which is manageable).

How to manage?

1. Know exactly what and how much you have, or who surrounds you now.

2. Throw, give, discard things that are not so useful and cut off from people who do not value-add to your life, mind and soul. If it is a toxic family member, at least learn to set boundaries. We only have so much time and energy, failure to use them wisely wastes life and resources.

3. Think and plan how to use what you have. For things, fully utilise what you have already sorted out in point No.2 to give you the best returns. Fully enjoy the people you keep, spend your energy and effort to grow the healthy relationships and develop love - the nutrients for your soul.

A manager always has to make wise decision what to cut, keep and grow. When your mind is clear because you only keep GOOD things or people you can manage, you have a chance to make wise decisions and grow them well. No point having ten thousand rubbish in life and few serves you well. Worse, they give unnecessary stress.

Lastly, I believe God does not give us more than what we can manage so that we are not consumed by stress & anxiety. Want to be richer in finances, health & love? Learn to manage with less first.

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