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Vitiligo and Periorial Dermatitis, 45 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Case 01304-2

This friend of mine residing in Australia came to @bodyinc for help in Sep 2019. She started having vitiligo (an autoimmune disorder) on her jawline & cheek area in 2014. In 2018, she was diagnosed with periorial dermatitis which is classified in the family of rosacea (linked with autoimmune disorders). After steroid, her flare up became worse. When she stopped alcohol and became vegetarian, her pigmentation came back. But it depended on how she felt, vitiligo could become worse when her mood was not good. She also had vertigo since 2017. It was so bad that she could lie in bed for 3 days.

Since she became vegetarian, she had no more vertigo.

I explained that being a vegetarian helped because she was a blood type A+. But if she was an O+, she may not see similar results. Frankly, maybe it was the stopping of alcohol that really worked! She understood the importance of diet from her experience and so she was very willing to adopt the balanced diet I suggested to further improve her immune system.

Many people like to go extreme in their diet which is not a good way of eating especially for autoimmune cases. I also advised on how to feel better and it is when our thinking changes, when we allow the heart feel love and joy again, our body will heal.

She flies back to Singapore every 4 months. I had to put her on intensive detox treatments in Sep 2019 and advised her on how to nourish her body. Then make sure she had enough supplements to help her while she was away. I also advised on what treatments she could do in Australia for her conditions. She was back in Singapore in January 2020. Her skin was clear from periorial dermatitis and vitiligo lightened. She did detox treatments at Body Inc. The next time I see her would be in April 2020. I must say it is really satisfying to help someone who understood that what we eat, how we think and feel, how we live our life determines how well we heal. If you are struggling with autoimmune problems, why not first look into changing your thinking first? Then allow the heart to find joy again. Be happy with who you really are because the body cannot heal the one who is not you.

Jacelyn Tay 04/02/2020

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