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Chronic Constipation, Weight, Management, 42 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This client used to run 16 km a week but couldn't lose weight. She needed to drink a lot of water after run which led to very bad water retention.

She had migraine once a wk and had to take painkiller. Sleep was not well.

She had constipation since young. She had been taking a laxative pill which contains probiotics for the past 20 years but even with it, she could only move her bowel once in 2 days. She was often bloated and flatulence was the norm.

Crave for salt /cheese snack/curry puff.

She also had very bad water retention bloating with pain before and during menses, putting on 1-2kg.

I explained to her that her digestion was the major culprit. She had been feeding her body the wrong food.

Bloatedness is the first sign of digestive stress.

And why does she need probiotics? Why does her army of healthy bacteria keep dying? The way to solve it is not to focus on replenishing probiotics but to feed her army of probiotics with the right food like fibre, fruits and vegetables. And using laxatives only renders the colon to be lazy. She must train her colon to move bowel naturally daily without relying on any laxative.

She was put on a 21-day detox program. In 9 days, without the use of laxatives and probiotics, she could move her bowel once to twice daily. Her menses came during these 9 days. No water retention before menses and she never bloat during menses. She lost 2.3kg and 2% Body Fat.

She is happy with the detox program as she can now eat proper food in unlimited amount and the diet is sustainable with no hunger.

Jacelyn Tay 29/05/19

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