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Bloating Issues.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Yesterday did a health coaching with this client who had serious bloating issues. No doctor or TCM could solve her problem all these years.

Like I always mention, bloating issues cannot be permanently resolved by medicine. The cause is "wrong food" in the first place.

Everyone reacts to different foods differently. We have to know what don't agree with our system, either avoid them or better our digestion of these foods. Whatever you cannot digest becomes a toxin in your body, remember that.

This client couldn't take most fruits n veg. My job is to be a detective - find out which are the culprits. Not that all fruits/veg are bad for her. Cruciferous veg like broccoli and cauliflower made her bloat. Hence I asked her to cook them till real soft to break down n soften fibre structures, making it easier for the digestive system.

However, she reported that even soft broccoli still caused a lot of gas. I suspected she was sulphur intolerant - cannot digest sulphur-rich foods. I gave her a list of sulphur foods to avoid.

We discovered her daily night bloating was due to garlic n onions in her dinner. Once she cut that out, night bloating was almost gone, day bloating gone by 70%.

Here is the list of sulphur-rich foods (No need to avoid all. Only test which ones u r not ok with): Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, asparagus, lettuce, sweet corn, eggplant.

Allium vegetables (an excellent source of sulphur): onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, chives.

Beans/steamed soybeans have the high sulphur content.

Fruits: The avocado (highest sulphur content), kiwi, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, melons, grapefruit, grapes, oranges and peaches.

Eggs (great source of sulphur): Chicken eggs, particularly the yolks, are rich in sulphur. One quail’s egg offers almost as much sulphur as a serving of meat.

Other high-sulphur foods: meat/fish, dairy products, chocolate, coffee, tea, grains, sesame seeds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, other nuts.

Sulphur foods are important for detox. The next step for me is to help her digest sulphur food better.

Jacelyn Tay 12/06/2020

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