Breathlessness problem

Updated: Aug 26

Happy that a client of @bodyinc with serious breathlessness problem is now ok after a month of nourishing.

In Dec 2019, after taking a hot bath overseas, she felt like fainting and started to have breathlessness. Got admitted to hospital. Doctor could not detect anything.

Eversince, she became very weak. Her breathlessness was so serious that she felt like passing out. It could happen as oftenas twice a week. A simple walk or carrying heavy things would end her in breathlessness for a few days. She went to see a heart surgeon who said she got nothing wrong too.

Now, she feels she has recovered. Thank God.

I love my job as health coach. Though many told me Body Inc. is their last station after seeing all the medical doctors, TCM, naturopath etc, I'm still happy that we fill in the gap in healthcare. We do not treat diseases, you must see doctors for disease. But there are many who are down with symptoms which affect their quality of life. They can't breathe properly, pain all over, can't poop, bloated, swollen, dizzy, fainting. Medically they have no problem. However they are not well either. What they need is not medicine but to balance their life, mind, diet and emotions. Sometimes it is very hard to find out the root of the problem cos it is often a combination of all the above. Many mistaken it as psychological issues. It is not, at least not directly. If the sufferer can properly nourish, their emotions can improve alot.