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Building on a strong immune system.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Ever wondered why, when someone in the office or family is down with flu, you are always the next to get it?

Let's not talk about Novel Coronavirus. Let's just talk about common flu and fever.

Do you easily experience excessive yellow or green mucus, shortness of breath and your symptoms sometimes can last more than 10 days?

Do you have fever every 1-2months and cough that lasts for 100 days. You wonder why some of your colleagues look like supermen and women who are not affected by your virus or bacteria at all?

It all boils down to your own immune system.

Viruses depend on your own antibodies to fight them. Antibiotics work on bacteria but not viruses. Before we talk about building our own immune system, let's be very clear of what we should do and not. If you are have a fever, please see a doctor to make sure it is not anything serious. For children with fever above 38 degree C, please do not try using your own creative natural remedies unless you are a qualified naturopath or TCM practitioner who knows exactly what you are doing. See a medical doctor and get the fever under control first! Building immune system should be a daily affair. Immune system TAKES TIME to build the immune cells! I often get clients who come in and expect food and natural remedies to work faster than prescriptive drugs from doctors.They don't understand, though a good immune system can prevent sicknesses, it takes months and years to build up a strong one. So you must give time to get healthier as a preventative measure, way before you get the next fever. Slowly but surely, less often you get cough and flu.

How to build a strong immune system? 70% of the immune cells are in our gut. Eating right is the key.

Having said that, lifestyle is very important too. It should be a daily practice of having ample good sleep, drinking at least 2 litres of water, eating fruits and vegetables daily, pooping daily. I often tell my clients, if they do not sleep enough and drink water, even magic pills will have no effect on them😂 (仙丹都没用) 。

Learn to be responsible for our own health. Most importantly, give time to build a healthier body.

Jacelyn Tay 09/02/2020

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