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MRT commuters gave up seats for this client, thinking that she was pregnant. Hers was a very serious bloating problem. Her tummy could bloat till she looked like 4 to 5 months pregnant.

At 25, she weighed 45kg. Now at 30, she was 61kg. She tried slimming centre and TCM guasha and tuina but they didn't work. Bloating kept coming back. She put on weight very easily. In 2019 she tried another slimming program for 3 months. She became very sick, kept having ulcer, feeling heaty and kept having MC. She always had throat inflammation and weekly migraine. Panadol extra was a weekly affair.

Chicken rice made her very bloated. If she ate chicken by itself with white rice, she had no problem. But with oily chicken rice she would be bloated.

My conclusion: her problem was mainly digestive issues - a bacteria case, bacteria feeding on oil. I put her on a detox program and designed a diet suitable for her.

In 2 weeks, her Visceral Fat went down from 6 to 5. Weight loss is 2.6kg, body fat down 2%. Now her tummy is not bloated anymore. She has no more throat inflammation or migraine for the past weeks. Her husband also followed her diet and slimmed down with a smaller tummy.

Her aunty asked, how can anyone take so much fruits, particularly fruit juice as there is a lot of sugar. Well, the fact that she has no bloating, loses weight and Visceral Fat tells us something.

We can metabolise fruit sugar much much better than refined sugar which is in many foods and desserts. And fruits come with loads of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants etc. They aid digestion, absorption and bowel movement.

Yes some fruits have higher sugar than others. You just have to eat a balanced varieties of them. Know which fruits and veg agree with you and eat more of them.

A healthy diet must consists of fruits and veg.

Bloating problems can be solved simply by increasing your fruits/ veg intake and cutting down junk foods. It is not true they cause bloating.

You just need to detox to rid of bad bacteria, virus etc.

Jacelyn Tay 21/09/2020

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