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Gastric. Bloating. Water Retention. 45 yr old.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

This client had been on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for 8 years for her gastric problem.

Since teenage, she had gastric. Her gastric would worsen when she was stressed, resulting in her taking stronger prescriptive drugs. TCM diagnosed that it was due to bad Qi (energy), dampness and water retention. Her face swelled up especially in the morning. Tummy was always very hard. Recently doctor suspected that she might have gout as blood test showed that her uric acid was borderline high. Her blood count was also low, with iron deficiency. She ever suffered from low blood count before when she was young.

Often felt bloated after drinking water, juice or any form of liquid.

The only way was to take small sips each time.

We put her on our #2OneResetDetoxProgram and meridian therapy to improve her circulation.

Bloating went down significantly and she had no gastric for last 3 weeks.

Her face was still swollen, however. We worked on her circulation around her back, neck and shoulders area. Now her tummy was not so hard and she didn't feel tired without coffee. She was very surprised that fruits were not a problem for her gastric and acid reflux. Many people think that fruits are "cooling". According to TCM, people with bloating problems should avoid fruits.

However, nutritionists or gastroenterologist would advise to include fruits and vegetables if one has bloating or constipation. The fiber, vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are crucial for gut health. There are many different types of fruits and vegetables. One just need to find out which ones are suitable for one's digestive system.

Health problems are not due to a lack in medicine. Medicine only temporarily controls, they don't heal us. It is our food that heals.

Jacelyn Tay 17/09/2020

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