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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

"I was pleasantly surprised when my client's face looked quite different from the last time we met." - Health Coach Jacelyn Tay.

This client's skin improved a lot (with a glow) compared to 12 days ago when she started @bodyinc #2OneResetDetoxProgram. Her skin was dull and dry. Reason being, she could sleep well now after meridian body treatments, a proper diet and supplementation. She looked more bubbly and energetic now.

She used to have acid reflux. Left side of her body started feeling numb since Jan 2020. She did MRI but it showed nothing wrong. She had breathlessness too.

After each meal, she would experience a lot of "wind" that was hard to burp it out. That caused the left side of her head to feel hot. Every morning, she would bloat badly. Sometimes, breathlessness come from bloating and obstructed circulation.

Now she has no more bloating and her hands are not as cold as before. She can breathe better too.

She used to feel stressed seeing her boss. "I don't know why that stress seems to disappear." She commented.

When a person is healthier, sleeps and breathes better, her mood surely improves. One can become more resilient to stress when one is physiologically stronger.

Her bowel movement used to be once or twice a week only. Now she can move her bowel daily without any problem. She lost 3kg, visceral fat down from 9 to 8, body fat dropped from 41.4% to 40% in just 12 days. Well done!!

Jacelyn Tay 15/06/2020

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