Case: Joint pain, weak ankles, bloating. 45yr old.

Case: Joint pain, weak ankles, bloating. 45yr old.

This client was so excited when she told me she felt so much better after 7days of diet change and supplements.

She had lower back pain due to T3-T5 degeneration for about 5-6 yrs. After walking for 2 hrs, her body felt very tired n breathless. She needed to sit and rest to feel better.

Knee pain since few yrs ago, Jan 2020 both knee started getting worse plus both hands and both legs experience on-off swelling ( water retention) + ankle pain n weak + both arm pain + right middle finger knuckle swelled. Seen TCM doctor and took herbal medicine. It relieved abit but still feeling very weak in her ankle.

She has gastrointestinal issues for 22yrs. Stomach bloated everyday for many years When stressed, she would be bloated+gastric pain, always farting, have gastric/ acid reflux/headache/migraine/giddiness.

I noticed her diet was full of refined carbs, lacking in protein and fats. She seldom ate fruits and veg because she heard fruits and veg are "cooling" and could cause bloatedness. I do not agree. Fruits and veg are very important for the immune system and bowel movement. One just has to select suitable fruits, suitable timing of eating, and the sequence