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Joint Pain. Weak Ankles. Bloating. 45 yr old.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This client was so excited when she felt much better after 7days of diet change and supplements.

She had lower back pain due to T3-T5 degeneration for the past five years. After two hours of walk, she would start to feel very tired and breathless.

She had knee pain since few years ago. In Jan 2020, both of her knees worsen. Both hands and legs experienced on-off swelling, weak and painful ankle and arms, swelling in her right middle finger knuckle swelled. TCM physician prescribed herbal medicine for her which help relieve the inflammation slightly, but her ankle still felt very weak.

She had gastrointestinal issues for 22 years. Her stomach was bloated every single day for many years. Stress was one of the factor for her bloating and gastric pain. She was always farting, had gastric, acid reflux, headache, migraine and giddiness.

Her diet was full of refined carbs, lacking in protein, fats, fruits and vegetables. She heard that fruits and vegetables are "cooling" and could cause bloating. That was a myth actually.

Fruits and veg are very important for the immune system and bowel movement. Suitable fruits do not cause bloating.

We put her on a 21-day #2OneResetDetoxProgram. After the 3rd day of supplements and detox treatments, she started to feel a big difference. By the 7th day, her ankle becomes very strong, lower back aches and pain reduced by 70%. Right Middle finger still felt pain, but achieved 60% improvement. Wrist now had strength.

Her cellulite used to be very serious and thighs felt very tight due to swelling. Now her cellulite were mostly gone. She never felt so comfortable and light before! She also discovered that her skin has turned pretty smooth . Hair loss had been a long-time problem for her. She hoped our program could help.

Jacelyn Tay 26/05/2020

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