Case: Moya Moya, weight loss, insomnia, acid reflux, 50y/o.

This client went for brain bypass in 2019 and was on medication - Lipitor (2018) Aspirin (2019). She suffered from Moya Moya, a rare disease caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain. Her blood pressure was 133-140+.

In Jul 2019 she suddenly had headache around the frontal lope area, very severe pain. Whenever she had shower or had water touching her face, she will feel pain maybe cos of swelling.

She often burped, felt that gas was stuck in my tummy, had acid reflux and irregular heartbeat.

Weight loss for such case has to be handled with care. Any fad diets/wrong way of eating/slimming pills can send the body to more water retention and more health problems.

I put her on our #2oneresetdetoxprogram.

In just 2 wks, after she changed her diet, started to eat properly and detox to unclog her systems, she lost 4.9kg, body fat down 1.6%, visceral fat went down from 13 to 11. Her blood pressure is now down to normal level 110-120.