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Moya Moya. Weight Loss. Insomnia. Acid Reflux. 50 yr old.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023


This client came to Body Inc. for weight loss. She had a brain bypass in 2019, was on medication - Lipitor (since 2018) and Aspirin (since 2019). She suffered from Moya Moya, a rare disease caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain. Her blood pressure was 133-140+.

In Jul 2019, she suddenly had very severe pain around the frontal lope area of her head. Whenever she showered and water touched her face, she would feel pain due to swelling.

She often burped, felt gas was stuck in my tummy, had acid reflux and had irregular heartbeat.

Weight loss for such a case had to be handled with care. They cannot afford to go on popular fad diets or harmful slimming pills which could potentially cause more water retention and health problems.

At Body Inc., she embarked on our #2OneResetDetoxProgram.

In just two weeks, after eating proper foods and doing detox treatments to unclog her systems, she lost 4.9kg. Her body fat went down by 1.6%, visceral fat went down from 13 to 11. Her blood pressure is now down to normal level 110-120.

Her sleep improved a lot. In the past, she used to wake up every 1 to 2 hrs. By 4am, she could not get back to sleep anymore. Now she woke up every 2-3hrs, immediately she could fall back to sleep until 5am.

Her digestion had also improved. She used to poop out one whole stalk of vegetables and that made her believe that she had poor digestive system. We taught her to chew her food well before swallowing. Now, she had no more of such poop.

She achieved very good weight and fat loss results because she was one of the most diligent and determined client. She followed every single instruction from our program guide, never negotiated or asked to eat a fried chicken wing or have cheat day. She didn't even add soya sauce to her meals. Everything in her diet is pure wholesome foods like sea salt and fresh foods. Such a case deserves a healthier body.

Health coach Jacelyn Tay laughed, "Many clients ask me when can they go back to their normal diet? They hope to eat yummy fried food and sweets again. I always tell them, your previous diet was the abnormal one."

No food supplier would admit that they use tons of chemical food additives and flavorings to create cravings in consumers so people queue up for their brands. Knowledge is important as it empowers people to make clever decisions. Do read more about food additives and food labels. One might save a lot of money seeing doctors.

Jacelyn Tay 04/09/2020

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