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Hives. Toe Fungal Infection. 40 yr old.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This client was totally cleared of her hives and toe fungal infection. She first came to Body Inc. in Jan 2020. It took her more than half a year to have total recovery.

Patience is key in healing.

Before she started our detox program, she had been taking daily antihistamine to control her hives since 27 Mar 2019. How she first got hives was due to a medicine she took in 2018. Suddenly hives flared up big time.

Her Diet: Wine, sake and oily foods. Through health coaching, we discovered that her main food triggers for itchiness was wheat gluten. After a barley drink, she would suddenly feel very itchy all over her body. The terrible itch made her scratch till her skin became red. She tested twice with barley drinks and the outcome was the same. We advise her to avoid yeast all together because of her toe fungal infection. Sugar encourages yeast growth. She was advised to limit sugary foods like ice-cream, sweets and chocolate.

Now that she has recovered, she wanted to have meals with friends again at restaurants but she had no clue on what to eat.

Categorise her favourite foods accordingly to how much she reacts to them:

Once a week - local food like soya bean curd, kueh, noodles

Once a month - red velvet cheese cake, milk (1 glass)

For maintenance, she was given a food list to try. She was to explore and find out which type of food would not cause flareups and how much of a certain food her body is intolerant to without flareups. Ultimately, you are your best doctor. As her health coach, we guide our clients on how to know their body better.

Occasionally, she still had a few small, itchy mosquito-like bumpy rash (not hives) but they go away real fast comparing to the past. It would take another 6 months to a year for the body to build up a strong immune system.

When the body is rebalanced, it should be able to take in more variety of foods without any skin reactions.

Jacelyn Tay 13/08/2020

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