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Updated: Mar 17

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This client reminded me not to let stress cause further damage, health is most important.

With Covid-19 now, I guess all of us are stressed. However, we must find ways to destress, let go of things not within our control. Worry also no use. We try our best, let God handle the rest. The last we want is to have problems in our health. The crisis will be over. Money we can always earn back. But health, once damaged, either you can't get it back or you need a lot of time to heal. Hope everyone take care!! Be strong. We can overcome it as one nation. Hope we are one of the first few in the world to recover fast and furious, and we shall be in a better position than we used to be!!! We can do it!!

It all started with a tiny hole in her tongue in 2017. One day this client found a rice stuck in her tongue. Within a very short time the hole suddenly grew to bigger than the size of a rice. She saw a doctor and realized she got tongue cancer. She had to cut off 25% of her tongue and had operation on neck to check her lymph nodes on the same day as doctor suspected neck cancer too. Fortunately it was false alarm.

She used to smoke a lot.

When she ate spicy food, in her own words, "I played mahjong from east to north (which lasted about more than 2 hrs) my tongue still felt very spicy. I found it strange. Now I know why."

She used to take 8 panadol a day with coke for her very serious migraine. Her bowel was daily but she felt it was not clean. Bloating was also a problem.

Though now cancer is cleared, she hoped to maintain a good immune system and wellness. So she came to Body Inc. for our #2OneResetDetoxProgram.

7 days after detox, her bowel improved to 3 times daily. Now it is easier to perspire. Last time, she could not sweat a single bit even with 5 hrs of golf.

Well the 4 main pathways where toxins get out are through bowel, urine, sweat and breathing. At least we have solved all. She feels that she can detox better now. She also shared, nowadays she tries to take things easy. She used to stress over her business. Then she realised health is more important.

Jacelyn Tay 31/03/2020

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