Case Studies: Psoriasis and slight eczema, 33yr old

Case Studies: Psoriasis and slight eczema, 33yr old.

I am happy when my client, Galen, excitedly sent me a picture of his psoriasis skin recovery. He kept thanking me and my team.

In just 4 days, his skin recovers pretty well (swipe left to see pic). He is thalassemic with a Visceral Fat of 16 (Healthy level - 1 to 4). Last year he was diagnosed with fatty liver. 5 yrs ago, he started having psoriasis (an autoimmune disorder) on his leg, head, neck, face, back and lower abdomen. His nails are all brittle - which is an indication of serious mineral deficiency.

Antihistamine and steroid which he was on for the past 2 years never helped his condition. After my consultation with him, I concluded that his body was too acidic due to improper diet. His bowel movement used to be 2 to 3 times a week since teenage. I put him on a holistic detox program where we will help improve his circulation and nourish him.

Now he is able to move his bowel 2-3 times a day. He is still going through the detox program. I reckon his results should be very positive as he is diligent in changing his diet and lifestyle.