Psoriasis and Slight Eczema, 33 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17

I am happy when my client, Galen, excitedly sent me a picture of his psoriasis skin recovery. He kept thanking me and my team.

In just 4 days, his skin recovers pretty well. He is thalassemic with a Visceral Fat of 16 (Healthy level - 1 to 4). Last year he was diagnosed with fatty liver. 5 yrs ago, he started having psoriasis (an autoimmune disorder) on his leg, head, neck, face, back and lower abdomen. His nails are all brittle - which is an indication of serious mineral deficiency.

Antihistamine and steroid which he was on for the past 2 years never helped his condition. After my consultation with him, I concluded that his body was too acidic due to improper diet. His bowel movement used to be 2 to 3 times a week since teenage. I put him on a holistic detox program where we will help improve his circulation and nourish him.

Now he is able to move his bowel 2-3 times a day. He is still going through the detox program. I reckon his results should be very positive as he is diligent in changing his diet and lifestyle.

Way to go young man!!! You can be totally healed as long as you eat right and live right.

Autoimmune disorders or diseases are very very hard to deal with. One has to fix the root of the immune problem. If not, flareups will always happen and it is never ending. A wrong food can trigger a flareup. The solution is always a clean and nutritious diet plus management of stress, emotions and attitude.

Even after total recovery, the sufferer has to stay away from those foods that trigger the condition for at least 6 to 12 months before he can take some of those foods in very limited quantities. However, I wanna emphasise that healing is possible. Autoimmune disorders are not incurable. It just takes patience and time.

Jacelyn Tay 13/06/2020

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