Weight, Bloating, 43 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17

Case CS01298-2

When I saw this client, I thought, "Gosh she is a challenge. At 43 yrs old, her Visceral Fat level was 3 (pretty ideal and in healthy range), body fat 25%, weight was 47.8kg. She was a perfectionist who wanted to lose another 2kg.

This was a challenging case because when a person is at a healthy base weight and VF, losing anymore weight means unhealthy.

It was against my principle to encourage anymore weight loss for beauty sake. She was already slim and looking very good. I thought, let's see what we can do to improve her health, glow and energy. Maybe she will be happy with her weight.

Since young, she moved her bowel twice a day. At 30, she had piles. Since few yrs ago, she needed daily probiotics and fibre drink to help move her bowel. She often burped and felt that gas was stuck in her tummy. She had bloating before menses too and felt tired easily.

I realized that she was so afraid to eat and she shunned rice due to fear in putting on weight. She had misconceptions about carbs and sugar. She believed in Calorie-Counting which I told her our program does not need to count calories. Even if your calorie intake is more you will not put on weight.

Weight loss and gain has nothing to do with calories. A person do need carbs in order to have good energy and balanced hormones. Carb is not the problem, it is the type of carb you eat that is crucial.

We went through in details exactly which food is right for her and those that are not. Granola nuts made her poop smell. Barley, red/green bean gave her bloating problems.

After 18 days into our health program, she slowly understood more about her own body & digestive system. Her bloating reduced by 90%. Now poop doesn’t smell. She is very happy and amazed cos she can eat more and no more cravings. Her waist becomes smaller with the treatments we prescribed. She noticed less hair loss too. Ha... I told her, if her body and organs don't have enough nutrients, how to supply extra to the hair? Nutrition is the most important after all. Her weight went down by 0.8kg (negligible) after 18 days and she felt healthier.

Jacelyn Tay 27/03/2020

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