Case Studies: Weight Loss.

Case Studies: Weight Loss.

I advised this client to stop cut fruits and banana. Her bloatedness reduced by 90%. She used to have very serious bloating problems at night.

One should eat fruits immediately after you cut them. When fruits are cut and left for hours even in the fridge, some vitamins are gone and worse, those who have sensitive stomach either don't do well with the cold fruits from the fridge or they start to bloat eating fruits left outside fridge to "warm them up".

I also suspected banana was her problem. Some people react to the enzymes in fruits like banana, papaya etc. Hence stopping banana helped reduce her bloating.

She used to fall sick very easily, having sore throat, green phlegm and fever. Now she is healthier, never fall sick during the detox program. She still had some green phlegm, feel heaty, and some headaches which I think is due to weak blood and poor circulation. Her Visceral Fat is still at 9...very stubborn due to years of wrong diet and lifestyle. VF has to go down in order for health to be restored. If menses comes with blood clots/lumps/strips, you know that internally blood is not flowing well. Yet we cannot rush into rebuilding immunity n blood as nutrients takes time to be absorbed and build up.

She lost 3kg and 1.3% of Body Fat in 21days. She is super happy with the diet I gave her. She said, "Your diet is very very good. I can eat until I am full and lose weight at the same time. So many things I can eat... Rice, meat, fruits and veg in unlimited amount." Yes, I always advocate balance is key and diet must be sustainable.