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Weight Loss and Bloating.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

After this client heeded our advice to stop eating cut fruits and banana, her bloating reduced by 90%. She used to have very serious bloating problems at night.

One should eat fruits immediately after you cut them. When fruits are cut and left untouched for hours, the flesh inside is exposed to air and the oxygen reduces the antioxidant vitamins. Worse, cut fruits turn bad easily. Some people store cut fruits in the fridge which is alright. However, for those who do not like to eat them cold, they tend to leave the fruits outside of the fridge to "warm them up" before consumption. Bacteria grows quickly between a temperature from 4 to 65 degree Celsius. For those with sensitive stomach, they might experience bloating after eating fruits such cut fruits.

We also suspected banana was her problem. Some people react to the enzymes in fruits like banana and papaya. Hence stopping banana helped reduce her bloating.

She used to fall sick very easily, having sore throat, green phlegm and fever. She did not fall sick during the detox program. After 21 days of detox, she is healthier. She still had some green phlegm, headaches and felt heaty. Her Visceral Fat was still at 9, very stubborn due to years of wrong diet and lifestyle. Her VF had to go down in order for her health to be restored. Her menses came with some blood clots. That told us that her blood circulation was not fantastic. It would take some months for her circulation to improve and immunity to build up.

She lost 3kg and 1.3% of Body Fat in 21days. She was super satisfied with the detox diet, "Your diet is very, very good. I can eat till I am full and lose weight at the same time. So many things I can eat now. Rice, meat, fruits and veg in unlimited amount."

WE DO NOT COUNT CALORIES. Calorie-counting is a wrong way of healthy weight loss.

Avoiding carbs for a prolonged period might end you up with food cravings and fatigue. Carbs are the main source of fuel. For our weight loss program, no client is allowed to be hungry because hunger is a signal from the body that it needs nutrients. If you don't feed the right food, you will end up in a malnutrition situation. In the long term, hair loss, giddiness, fainting spells, weak immunity, falling sick, breathlessness, migraine, headaches, dry skin and more health issues may surface.

Jacelyn Tay 15/06/2020

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