Case Studies: Weight Loss, Bloatedness 32

This client was a challenging case because most foods caused bloating in her.

Gluten, nuts and dairy make her nasal swell. Pain usually went to forehead and she had to take nasal spray. Meat made her feel heavy. White rice, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, apple, broccoli, cauliflower, cai xin, pumpkin soup made her bloated. She is 80% vegan, eats smallportion of fish. Cow's milk made her stomach cramp. Seeds made her fart non-stop.

She went on fitness program, lost 15kg last Sep but wanna lose 5kg more. She went on intermittent fasting. However weight could never go down anymore and she couldn't diet further. After lunch, she felt tired. She would feel hungry when she never eat carbs. Occassionally she would take slimming/detox tea. She had bloating, gastric and acid reflux.

I thought the main issue to solve here is her inability to digest. Usually I don't recommend probiotics cos one should train the digestive system in multiplying your own probiotics N not short-circuit it by conveniently feeding yourself with probiotics supplements.

I gave her suggestions to foods she could eat more/avoid. I encouraged her to eat. Calorie-counting is the wrong way of losing weight healthily. It is eating right that gives health and a slim body.

However she still wanted to skip breakfast.<