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Weight Loss. Coronary Artery Disease. 36 yr old.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Many have the misconception that rice causes weight gain. There is no good food or bad food. At Body Inc., we do not believe in calorie-counting to lose weight. It is NOT sustainable as it does not take into account of nutrients. Balanced diet is key. A body is bloated because of inflammation due to toxins. Obesity is an inflammatory disease.

This client had a few conditions such as coronary artery disease, breathlessness and chest pain. She also experienced irregular heartbeat, giddiness and headache. She came to @bodyinc with the intention to lose weight.


After a sharp chest pain, she was diagnosed with coronary artery disease in 2016. Due to 10 % artery narrowing, she was given Lipitor and Concor from 2016 till Dec 2019. In Mar 2020, she had chest tightness again. Doctor prescribed magnesium and CoQ10 for her. After taking magnesium for a month, it didn't help her. CoQ10 did help her chest tightness by 60-70%.

We put her on a detox program and worked on her diet in details, carefully making sure that she ate a proper complex carbohydrates like rice and have nutritious food. Any kind of fasting might worsen her giddiness, hair loss and metabolism.

One should eat MORE of the right food to lose body fats and visceral fat.

She was told never to diet and feel hungry during her weight loss journey. On the contrary, we expect her to get hungrier and hungrier when her metabolism improved. It sounded unbelievable to her. Like many of our weight loss clients who had been having wrong concept of what a healthy diet is, she was not very convinced.

In just 10 days, her visceral fat went down from 6 to 5, weight came down from 64kg to 62kg, her body fat went from 33.2 to 31.6%. Her energy improved by 30%. Chest tightness was less even though she stopped CoQ10 right from the start of our program.

At first, she still experienced some breathlessness in the morning. After we include some morning supplements in her program, she felt alright.

She was pleasantly surprised that when one eats right, one can lose weight by eating more. She said, "I get hungrier and hungrier and I ate a lot but still losing weight! How amazing!"

Jacelyn Tay 03/07/2020

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