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Weight Loss. Giddy Spells. 41 yr old.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

This client had a bad fall in 2018, lost her sense of smell due to damaged nerves and had a big bump on her right shoulder to the neck area.

It was swollen and very painful when she lied down. She did Tuina at another place which helped to flatten the bump. However, since then, she started to have giddy spells and light-headedness whenever she lied down and turned to her right. Pain in neck and shoulders never went away.

If there are aches and pains on the shoulder and neck area, or tight muscles and humps on the shoulders, it affects your digestive system. This client needed probiotics for the past two years. Even with probiotics, she could not have daily bowel.

The body is interconnected.

At Body Inc, we use meridian therapy to unclog the body systems. When the acupoints on the shoulders are activated, one can burp or fart. Amazing? Yes, the body is connected by meridian pathways. When any part of the body has poor circulation, it affects other parts too.

This client wanted to lose weight. However, when she went on a diet, she fainted. She had food cravings too.

We explained that eating less or any kind of imbalanced diet was not going to give her sustainable weight loss. She was put on our #2oneresetdetoxprogram and a "very happy diet", according to her. She could eat her favourite Korean food in unlimited amount.

In 6 days, she lost 1.5kg and 1% of body fat with an increased appetite and greater amount of food intake.

How did this happen? Calorie-counting is a wrong way of losing weight. Eating right is the right way. She was so delighted with her weight loss results for the fact that she ate rice and still could lose weight. Many foods that she didn't used to be able to take, now she could eat without any worries.

Her bowel movement has become daily without probiotics. Jacelyn explained, "We don't need probiotics. The more you take, the more you short-circuit the digestive system. Feed prebiotics instead. They are the food probiotics need to stay healthy."

Prebiotics function as a food source for your gut microorganisms. They need to bypass digestion and make it all the way to your colon where the microorganisms metabolize and ferment the prebiotics to survive. This metabolism and fermentation process is beneficial to your gut health because it creates a variety of other byproducts that help you in a number of ways.

After detox, this client also realised that her taste bud had changed. She did not like luncheon meat anymore. Her breathlessness recovered totally. No more pain in her neck and shoulder. No more giddiness when she lies down. She asked, "Food really makes such a great impact?" Jacelyn laughed. What other proof does one need? The proof is in your recovery. Even if blood tests show that you are well but you still feel unwell, you are truly unwell! Food heals.

We all need wisdom....

Jacelyn Tay 05/07/2020

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