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Anemia and Cravings.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

My client is a potato chips lover.

I explained to her how cravings come about. When you eat something that contains certain chemical or a food you cannot digest well, it turns into toxins and causes stress in the gut. Your body then secretes stress hormone - cortisol, and at the same time, happy hormones - endorphin to counter cortisol. So you feel happy eating potato chips when your gut may be inflamed with bloating and other digestive issues. By right, when you eat right, you should secrete serotonin which is the happy hormone that makes you feel satisfied and stop eating after 20 minutes.

Endorphin makes u crave for the very food you cannot digest well and u keep on wanting to eat that food even when you are full. The vicious cycle continues until you stop eating potato chips and start eating right. Glad to hear that my client could fall asleep more easily now and she lost 2 kg in 10 days. Most of our clients can lose 3 kg in 10 days. Her result is slightly slower because her medical report shows that she has anemia and her RDW is high with low MCH, which indicates deficiency in iron. We need time to replenish her nutrients to boost her metabolic rate.

People with anemia usually experience poor blood circulation and clots especially in their menses. They may find losing weight difficult.

In fact, people with anemia may find themselves putting on more weight after they go on a crash diet because eating less worsens nutrient deficiency issue that they are already have and causes metabolic rate to go down.

What I usually advise is that they should never go hungry, eat right and eat more in order to lose weight. However it also depends on which type of anemia they have. Iron deficiency Anemia? Pernicious Anemia? Sickle Cell Anemia? Thalassemia? .

Understanding why you are not able to lose weight and tackle the root cause is key to successful fat loss and weight loss.

Jacelyn Tay 26/11/2018

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