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Sweaty palms and Constipation.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Did health coaching at my Ngee Ann City outlet yesterday. Glad to hear that my client lost a few kg plus a drop in internal fats from unhealthy level to healthy level after 2 weeks.

Her sweaty palms condition has also improved much. No more constipation now. She loves spicy foods.

But I told her to cut down as spicy food "dries up" the colon.

According to TCM principles, keeping late nights, drinking alcohol, smoking and eating too much spicy and oily food can weaken both the stomach and spleen. When this happens, the transportation ability of the spleen is affected, leading to abnormal distribution of body fluids. This, in turn, can contribute to excessive sweating of the palms.

She did our 21-day detox and nutrition program which helps to reset the her body systems and improve digestion and circulation.

Jacelyn Tay 14/11/2018

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