Chew to avoid bloating.

Updated: Mar 17

I asked a client to eat more veg but she told me she could not digest green veg as the green veg usually came out as "one whole stalk" in her poop.

Coincidentally another 2 clients also shared that they cannot digest eg. golden mushrooms and other veg cos they came out as how they went in.

I said, "Of course there is indigestion because you never even chewed lolx. If you have chewed the veg into tiny pieces, how can you get a full stalk at the end?" We both laughed.

Many people do not observe the right eating habits and they wonder why they always have digestive issues. Fruits, veg and rice are carbohydrates. Many people claim that they cannot digest them as they cause bloating.

Have you considered if you have chewed them enough?

Digestion of carbohydrates starts in the mouth with saliva carrying enzymes to break down the carbs. If you always eat too fast with little chewing, you have a higher chance of getting bloating problems.

What I usually do is to chew my fruits, rice or veg until they become at least 90% liquid in my mouth before I swallow.

You can try that. It helps prevent digestive issues. The problem is not the good carbs you are eating. The problem is your eating habits. Standard timing for finishing a meal properly is at least 20min. If you finish yours quicker than that, you have a higher chance of a bloated tummy.

Jacelyn Tay 20/08/2020

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