Childhood Eczema, 42 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17

This client had eczema on her hands since 10 yr old. At 40, eczema started to flare up on her arms, hands, legs, tummy and jawline. What happened was, all her kids also suddenly had eczema since they moved to the new place. At 41 yr old, she started to react to dairy, eggs, goat's milk, gingko etc. She had to rely on steroid cream for the past 2 yrs daily and immunosuppressant - cyclosporine.

Usually at 2am, skin became very itchy and her sleep was disturbed.

Her family sensed that the new place could have certain chemicals that triggered their eczema. They moved out and soon all her kids recovered from eczema, except her.

She came to @bodyinc in mid Nov 2019. We put her on 2OneReset® Detox Program and weaned her off all medications. Frankly, among the autoimmune skin problems we handle, eczema is the trickiest and most difficult to handle. Especially those who have been on steroid for decades, steroid withdrawal takes at least 6 to 12 months to heal.

We worked with her holistically by diet change, supplementation and treatments. Because it is childhood eczema, it usually takes longer for recovery.

After close to 4 months, she finally has no more eczema. Her skin is healing well now. Sleep is excellent now, managed to fall asleep at 11pm instead of 1am. Every time an eczema case recovers, we celebrate!

She thanked me and appreciated our care and help during this journey. I know it is not easy...u have persisted. Happy for ya!

Jacelyn Tay 10/03/2020

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