Eczema, 47 yr old.

Updated: Aug 18

Case CS01509-2: Eczema, 47.

This client was very happy to recover without using any drugs.


Eczema started in Feb 2018 (she stayed in Brunei). Not sure what the cause was, she suspected the rice wine she made for Chinese New Year was the trigger. She was also under a lot of stress then. Usually for flareups, you need all factors coming together: genetic, stress, environmental pollution, wrong food, bad habits. Patches appeared on arms first, then legs, then on her entire back, hips and neck. Doctor gave her steroid cream and antihistamine. It went away for a while, but came back on and off.

April 2020, it spread to the whole body. More steroid cream and medication had it under control.

She came to Singapore in July 2020.

Aug 2020, her eczema flared up again. This time, she felt it had gone haywire. Even with steroid and antihistamine, her wrists, arms, back and area around the knees started to have very itchy spots.

Oct 2020, she searched online and found Body Inc.

We put her on #2oneresetdetoxprogram on 19 Oct 2020.