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Chronic Constipation, Very Imbalanced Diet, 39 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

During my 13 years as a health coach, this is the 2nd time I encountered someone who had extreme diet like this.

She never drank water, never had breakfast or lunch for 2 years. She loved snacks and believed that she would gain weight if she took proper meals with snacks. So she chose the latter.

Sweets like peach rings gummies and Ricola was her breakfast. Chocolate and almond flakes was lunch and tea time snack was biscuits. Dinner was seafood and veg. After dinner, she would eat potato chips as she continued working at home.

She had not eaten rice since she left school.

The belief that carbs was not good for her came when she was in London. She put on a lot of weight after eating bread. Since then she avoided all carbs till now. I explained the difference between bread & rice. Bread is processed refined carbohydrate mostly made from wheat flour while rice is a good unrefined complex carbohydrate. People who totally avoid a good carb may soon find that they crave for sugars.

It is not abt skipping carbs. It is abt eating the right carbs.

It is ok to eat sweet potatoes, rice, potatoes etc. She had mild, occasional eczema since young. Bowel movement was only once a week since young. She used laxative teas to help ease her bowel. Often bloated and burp, she also had migraine due to lack of sleep. She often felt cold so she didn't dare to go to winter places. She drank up to 10 cups of green tea and soft drinks daily, with weekend barley drinks. She thought green tea is considered as water. I told her "absolutely not!" We put her on a detox program and we had to re-educate her about healthy eating and lifestyle.

In 7 days, her constipation and bloating issue was resolved. She had a great transformation from snack diet to wholesome food diet. Her Visceral Fat dropped 1 level. Weight loss 1.3kg. I encouraged her to try eating 2 tablespoon of rice and slowly increase rice intake to train up digestion of a good unrefined complex carbs.

It is always very rewarding for me to see such transformation in someone's life.

Jacelyn Tay 04/06/19

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