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Wrong diet and lifestyle.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Recently I coached a number of clients who came with a host of issues like fatigue, giddiness, breathlessness, eczema, bloating, severe menstrual cramps, chronic migraine and so on. They have taken medicine but these symptoms never really go away.

Why? Wrong diet and lifestyle.

They all thought they have very healthy diet. No oily deep fried food, no desserts, only 2 meals a day.

Let me show you their typical diet: Breakfast - cornflakes/milk/butterbread/coffee Lunch - fish ball noodles/pasta /yong tau foo/salad/fish soup rice. Dinner - Homecook rice + some meat + little veg/ just a soup

Now, where is the protein? Vitamins? Minerals? Phytochemicals? Good fats? They are eating wrong and eating too little!

Lack of nutrients! When I encouraged them to eat more (of the healthy food) in order to lose weight and fats, most of them freaked out.

Are you sure I won't gain weight?

Just like you have to drink more water in the case of water retention, you have to eat well to improve digestion and bring up metabolic rate in order to lose weight. . Have you seen thin people eating a lot but remaining slim. It is not the genes...they are eating right and they intake much nutrients.

Jacelyn Tay 03/01/19

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