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Hives, planning to conceive, 38 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

She was so adorable. She asked if could she take a picture with me so she could share about her experience at Body Inc. on social media. Of course I was glad to oblige as I always encourage clients to be open about their conditions.

Healing comes when we bring darkness into the light.

My very pretty client Sofiae, came to Body Inc. in September with hives. Her hives came after she had injection for IVF. She had twice IVF but failed. TCM said hives may affect her IVF success. Hence she came to us hoping to solve her hives issues.

Because she was on anti-histamine, it was a bit more difficult to detox her. Her bowel movement was only once in 2 to 3 days. She was put on #2oneresetdetoxprogram. We tried to wean her off anti-histamine but it was tough. She couldn't stand the itch and took back the medicine after two days.

I encouraged her that it was ok. Let's listen to the body.

If she was able to take medication only on alternate days, she already managed to wean 50% of the drug.

After 14 days, her hives became smaller. By Day 25th, her hives were all gone. Her bowel movement is daily now, no more bloating. Visceral fat went down from 4 to 3, and she also lost 2.7kg to 48.8kg, which she is her lowest weight ever.

Sofiae told me that she is very happy with what she is eating now because she can eat a lot and yet keep slim.

In fact, I encourage her to start taking carbs like rice, pasta, soba etc. She needs more nutritious wholesome food to have a strong body for IVF.

All the prayer warriors who believe that He is the healer, help me pray for Sofiae to have a successful IVF in November 2019. It is our hands, but God heals. Thank you!

Jacelyn Tay 09/10/19

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