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Heavy Metal Problem and Lack Of Certain Nutrients.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

She is an old client who came to Body Inc. with hives in 2016, was treated by my herbalist then and cured of it.

Last week she came back, it was the first time I saw her. She was breathless. She could hardly  breathe through her mouth and was gasping for breath during my consultation.

She almost fainted so she went to her doctor who prescribed antidepressants to calm her down from anxiety. She didn't want to rely on it and she knew it is not going to help her breathlessness which she had for more than a decade since 18.

She also has very serious gastric, irritable bowel syndrome, very itchy hives everyday, dry eyes, menses with clots, back pain, allergic to antibiotics/ seafood/ beer, super sensitive face which turns red and swollen after facial and doctor suspect it is due to fungus. Her blue black seems like it will never go away.

I told her basically she needs to detox.

I suspect she has heavy metal problem and definitely lack of certain nutrients. After just a week on the detox program, she can breathe much properly now, no more gastric and no more hives. I praise the Lord for it.

Do not give the body more drugs or medicine. What it needs is your tender loving care of listening to it, then feeding it with proper food, good sleep and rest, and suitable exercise.

"First, do no harm," says Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine.

Jacelyn Tay 06/03/19

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