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Health and Weight Management, 25 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This young client was super happy that she went from 50.9kg to 47.9kg which was her weight when she was 15 years old.

She did a 21-day detox and nourishment program. Her Visceral Fat dropped from 3 to 2. I suggested that at her age, VF should be at 1, still some way to go. She should start eating rice and eating more to keep the weight, muscle mass and fats on chest and butt. VF will continue to drop despite eating rice, which many believe is the problem food.

She used to feel pain in the lower back if she sat too long. Now she has no more pain. She didn't used to sleep well but now she can. When it was cold, she used to have cold feet and shivering hands. Now there is 70% improvement. Her bowel movement was once or twice a wk. Now she goes once or twice a day. A great improvement indeed.

She belongs to the "cafe generation".

Cafe is the heaven for microwaved pasta, sandwiches, pastries, cakes, cookies, latte etc which are mainly gluten, dairy and sugar.

Many people avoided the wrong carbs which are rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes. These are wholesome carbs providing good nutrients and energy to the body. The carbs we should avoid is refined carbs found in cafes and wheat products.

This client asked if she can start eating carbs as she craved for pizza, sweets etc. I told her if she starts eating proper staple carbs like rice, she will not crave for refined carbs and sugar.

There is so much misconception about rice and carbs.

A balanced diet is key.

Jacelyn Tay 04/09/19

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