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Wrong perception of food and dieting.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Yesterday I rolled eyes at this naughty client but she made me laughed so much too. 3 weeks ago her husband brought her to Body Inc. because she refused to eat well despite her medical conditions.

She was sooooo afraid of getting fat.

At age 30, she had numbness from right middle finger to the arm, neck & the head. She was on high dose of painkiller for her daily migraine. Just diagnosed w hypertension (157/105) doctor advised to start her on medication. She would drink water in the morning & vomit, had neck pain everyday, gastric, acid reflux, was hospitalized & operated cos her blackened intestine "dropped out". She move her bowel only once a month! Always felt giddy and would blackout anytime. I looked at them, "You do know that Body Inc. does not treat health conditions ya? We only do detox and weight management by you eating right and living right, and probably with some help from supplements and body treatments that's all."

Her husband said his wife got to start somewhere for her health. So I advised she must eat MORE of the RIGHT food to rebalance the body first.

"But I will not gain weight right?" she questioned. I had a hard time convincing her that she won't. Fast forward to yesterday, 3 weeks later. She put on 1.3kg after increasing her meals from 1 to 3 a day. I did a checklist, found out that she had no more numbness, b/p dropped to 149/90 (her diastolic had never gone below 100 for the last 2 years). Migraine was gone. No more neck pain or blackouts, only see stars but never faint. She still suffered from vomit, constipation and bloatedness.

"You said I will not put on weight, now I gained 1.3kg!" I looked at her. Lady, your body fat% has dropped from 27.3% to 26.9%? Yes visceral fat went up from 3 to 4, but you are still in healthy range. You need the nutrients!!!! "You sure if I continue eating like this I will not become fat?" Faint..And we both laughed. She was really a funny girl. But yes I think she gets it now. Phew!

I asked to share her story cos so many women have the wrong perception of food and dieting. She agreed, but insisted I must mention that she gained weight. I laughed until... Sure I will!

Jacelyn Tay 13/02/19

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