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Eczema, Fatigue, 41 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This client saw much improvement in her eczema within a month.

In 2010, eczema started on her hands first. Steroid was her only solution. She was fatigue and had migraine almost daily since 2016. Her migraine would lead to blackout. Her skin was very dry and nails broke easily. She had very bad indigestion and bloating problems. Since secondary school days, she suffered from hair loss, greying hair and she was always panicking. Her menses only came once in 2 months. She had been on magnesium, folic acid, probiotics and omega oil for some time but to no avail.

Her case was an obvious malnutrition. Hence we dealt with her digestive issues first.

When she first came to Body Inc., her eczema had already spread to her arms. Hers was in ring shaped called nummular eczema (see photo). These spots or patches could appear on the arms, hands, legs, or torso. They could be present in clusters or might join up to form larger patches. Her eczema came with blisters too.

Her case was very difficult initially. Immediately after she started our detox program, flareup spread from arms to legs. Fortunately with her trust in us, she did not give up. We had to keep adjusting her supplement dosage and diet, and kept unclogging her system until flareups finally subsided in one month.

Now her skin is totally healed except for a few faint scars which we reassured her not to worry about. The scars will be gone when she properly nourishes her body in the next few months.

Her bloating problem and fatigue are gone too.

Typically, eczema is one of the most complicated autoimmune disorders. Recovery may take at least 6 months to a year if eczema started from childhood. Hers only started when she was 31 yr old. Hence she could recover faster. Recovery also depends on how much steroid and antihistamine one has taken.

Steroid withdrawal makes the recovery journey much longer and more difficult. Diet is the key to good skin. And emotion is one of the key trigger.

Jacelyn Tay 31/12/19

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