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Eczema, Psoriasis, 53 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Few years ago, eczema started on both her elbows, hands, fingers and shin. 2 yrs back, psoriasis started on her elbows. It was very itchy especially at night after bath. She applied steroid cream but did not see any improvement. On the contrary, it became worse after her menopause.

Sep 2019, this client came to Body Inc. for help. She complained that the itch was unbearable. We put her on 2OneReset Detox Program. She was advised to stop steroid cream or drugs. Everything had to go natural.

Her past diet was mainly cod fish, salmon, potato chips and nuts.

She seldom had rice but she took all the refined carbs like carrot cake, fried bee hoon, bread, shun kueh and noodles. All the above foods are potentially problem foods for skin problems - heavy metal, gluten, nuts (can trigger inflammation). We asked her why zero rice?

She was afraid of putting on weight. We assured her that she would not put on weight with rice on our detox program.

In 10 days, with a change in diet and help from detox treatments, there was no more itch on her leg. Psoriasis patch recovered very well. Left elbow still itched a little, but fingers were not dry anymore.

After 2 months, she was very happy that her fingers which used to crack, were now much better. Elbows and leg were not itchy anymore. The bumps on the skin would take some more months to heal totally.

She took rice for the past months. To her surprise, she never gained weight at all.

We explained that diet is the most important and the only cure for autoimmune disorders. There is no magic pills. The food that she had to avoid she must diligently avoid during detox. But once her skin heals 100%, she would be able to eat many more varieties of food after her immune system is rebuilt.

Jacelyn Tay 1/11/19

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