Diet is the most important and the only cure for autoimmune disorders, there is no magic pills.

Case Studies: Very itchy Eczema/Psoriasis, 53.

Few years ago, this client started to have eczema on both her elbows, hands, fingers and shin (see photo). Then 2yrs ago, another autoimmune disease - psoriasis started on her elbows. It was very itchy especially at night after bath. She applied steroid cream but skin never improved. In fact, it became worse after menopause.

When she came to Body Inc. in end Sep 2019, she complained that the itch was unbearable. We put her on #2oneresetdetoxprogram and as usual, no more steroid cream or drugs. Everything had to go natural. Her past diet was mainly cod fish, salmon, potato chips and nuts. She seldom had rice but she took all the refined carbs like carrot cake, fried bee hoon, bread, shun kueh, noodles etc. All the above foods are full of heavy metal, gluten, and nuts which can trigger inflammation. I asked her why no rice, she said she was afraid of putting on weight. I assured her that no way she would put on weight if she started to take rice.

In 10 days, with a change in diet and detox treatments, there was no more itch on her leg. Left elbow still itched a little, fingers were not so dry anymore. We continued detox for another 24 days.

Today I saw her again and she was very happy to tell me that her fingers which used to crack are now much better. Elbows and leg are not itchy anymore. The bumps on the skin will take some more months to heal totally.

She was eating rice in the past few weeks and she never gained weight at all. I told her to eat more healthy foods if she wanted to lose weight.

I explained that diet is the most important and the only cure for autoimmune disorders. There is no magic pills. The food that she has to avoid she must diligently avoid.

Jacelyn Tay 1/11/19

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