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Diet journey with eczema clients.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

"Recently I have been busy doing video consultations and diet journey with eczema clients. This is a stressful time for many of them especially those who work from home (during this Covid period) with kids having home-based learning," said health coach Jacelyn Tay.

Whether it is eczema, hives, psoriasis or any other autoimmune disorders, you really need to have a space at home where you can have "me-time" and rest your mind and body, free from frustration and fear. Stress causes more hormone cortisol which kills your immune cells, bringing down one's immunity. For some autoimmune cases, their own immune system may start attacking their skin, liver, thyroid etc.

The skin, body's largest detoxification organ, is trying to remove toxins. The mind does influence toxic chemicals to be released in the body.

I can't emphasize more about having a calm state of mind, healthy diet, good rest and regular exercises could help improve and rebalance your immune system.

Good restful sleep as the most important, followed by at least two litres of plain water (tea, coffee or soup are not counted). And lots of nutritious fruits, veg, protein and some good fats to rebuild one's immune system. Some supplementation may be needed for the malnourished cases. Avoid steroid or antihistamines if possible, especially when many of our clients find that medicines don't help anymore).

Especially during this time of Covid-19 pandemic, our own immunity is the best security for this fight other than keeping clean, safe-distancing, stay home and all. Do avoid all processed foods. Don't give your kids bubble tea, biscuits, ice-cream, cakes if they do not eat proper meals. Choose healthier snacks. For kids with eczema, sit is better to avoid giving them any nuts, dairy, yeast, white sugar, wheat, gluten. Learn to make healthy home-cooked snack for yourself and kids. This is good time to change our habits while we stay home. Make use of this golden opportunity to make some good changes in your life that benefit you a lifetime.

Eat well! Think right.

Jacelyn Tay 25/04/2020

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