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Eat healthy is the right way.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Eating less is a wrong method of weight loss. So many are doing it wrong and wrecking their health.

This client is a Singaporean stationed in Taiwan. She only comes back every 2 weeks to do some detox treatments. She wanted to lose weight, so we planned out a sustainable detox program and diet for her to follow in Taiwan. She lost steadily about 2 kg per month. Now she has lost 10 kg and weight is still going down well. She has been eating more nutritious food and never hungry. However, last month she started to cut down on her food intake due to sudden fear of weight rebound plus wrong belief that by reducing calories she could lose more weight in a month. Result came out to be weight loss of only 1 kg instead of the usual 2 kg she could lose in a month. She panicked and wanted advice from me.

I asked her why did she suddenly fear eating when she had successfully lost weight by eating better?

I assured her that counting calories is a wrong method.

A 200kcal of meat and a 200kcal of cheesecake give totally different weight loss effect to the metabolism. Cheesecake can get stuck in the body but meat helps build up the body and lose weight instead. So don't turn to the wrong method of cutting down on food intake but eat right. If she loses weight by eating less, then she will surely put on weight when she goes back to normal quantity of food. By that time she will be deprived of nutrients. Hair loss, dry skin, fatigue will follow.

She should be eating more healthy food and lose weight at the same time, then it is sustainable. All our clients are asked to eat these amounts of food for each meal.

She started with Visceral Fat 14, now she is at 11.

Her digestion should be more efficient now and so she may even eat more than before. Assured and happy, she realized, like so many others, she had been in that wrong mentality of fearing to eat.

Most clients only take 1 or 2 meals a day when they first came to Body Inc for weight loss. By the time they lose weight with us, they take 3 meals plus snacks, and weight never rebound.

Eat healthy is the right way.

- Jacelyn Tay 25/05/19

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