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Rashes, Itchy Dry Skin, Arthritis, Female, 54 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This client was so happy when she showed us her fingers. Some are straightened! When she came to @bodyinc, all her fingers were very crooked. She started to experience numbness in her fingers since 2008.

From 2014 onwards, her fingers started to turn crooked. That was the period she had menopause too. In 2017, rashes suddenly broke out. Followed by very painful "ant's bite" alike numbness all over her body. It lasted for 3 to 4 months. She saw doctors but couldn't solve the problem. She saw TCM who said it may be hot flushes, and took TCM way of healing but it didn't help her rashes and numbness.

Last 2 yrs her skin was itchy every single day. She had no constipation or bloating issue. But her LDL (bad cholesterol) was high. Obviously this is a nutritional imbalance and hormonal issue. She was put on our detox program. Immediately after 1st day of detox, she had no more itchiness.

Two days ago she came to my team and showed them her fingers. Some were straightened. We were very happy for her.

Sometimes little changes in the mind, diet and lifestyle may make a lot of difference to our health. We pray for speedy recovery for the rest of the fingers. This is not our first case of straightened fingers. I can only say I praise the Lord for it. It is our hands, but God heals.

For all those with health problems that medically are classified as "no known cause hence no cure", do not believe in it. Believe that you can be healed and start making changes to your diet, lifestyle, thinking or even your way of life. Kick unnecessary stress or toxic people away.

You are meant to have a healthy body if you are born with it. First, do no harm. Eat right, live right.

Jacelyn Tay 20/09/19

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