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Eat right to stay slim.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Recently saw a few teenagers who are suffering from fainting spells, bulimia, anorexia. All girls. They lost their hair, irregular or no more menses, hospitalized due to anemia and some lost focus and experienced poor vision.

Frankly, teenagers are the most difficult to handle. Because they are very set in what they believe in - calories input less than calories output equals to weight loss. They insist on not eating much and exercising few hours 3 to 5 times a week. Calorie-counting is a very passed concept, actually.

A piece of cheese cake and a lean beef steak both are about 250 calories. Imagine eating only cheese cake at lunch and dinner for a week, you should lose weight right? Yes you definitely will initially. But after some time, depleted with proper nutrients, you will bloat, blood circulation becomes sluggish, have water retention, metabolism slows down, hormonal imbalance sets in, and you find that how come you cannot lose weight anymore. One teenager I saw asked me why even when she was not eating much, she was not losing weight like before anymore? Water retention and toxins collected, that's why. And if she really pushes it, she will collapse and faint. Very sick people are very thin too.

I have been through those years too. Who doesn't want to be deemed as the pretty ones in school. Or rather, not the uglier ones. You can do it the right way girls. Just eat right.

Yes, YOU CAN EAT and stay slim!

You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight. All my clients are asked to eat, they are not allowed to be hungry during our detox program. They can lose 10, 20, 30kg! Why can't you? And they are all much older than you girls!

Don't learn fad diets from online. They ruin your health.

Be wise. I understand looks is important to you at this age. I was a teenager before. Be smart. Learn the correct way of losing weight. Focus on nutrients not calories.

Jacelyn Tay 27/02/19

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