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Fatigue, 27 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This young client had a lot of discomfort due to a strange aching feeling of bad circulation from left shoulder to the entire left arm.

She had to soak her left arm in a pail of hot water to relieve the discomfort. She was always fatigue after 12pm and she would feel very tired the rest of the day. She had sinus and bloating, especially before menses. Headache before menses was also a problem.

We put her on a 21-day #2OneresetDetoxProgram. She also went through unclogging treatments which improved her blood circulation and qi (气) flow. She also took supplements and improved her diet. After 21 days, upon completing her detox program, the bloating and headache before menses were gone. Her Visceral Fat went from 3 to 2 (at her age she should be at 1). Body fat % went from 26.5 to 24.9% (ideal is 21-24%) She is now much more energetic, can last till 7pm before she feels a little worn out. I explained that she is still lacking in certain nutrients because a very healthy body should be able to last till late night. If she can start eating some rice for a proper source of fuel, that will help her energy level.

Eating right is the way to maintain good energy and vitality.

Anyone her age should feel energetic and positive from the time she wakes up till before bedtime. This is optimum health. If you are fatigue in your twenties and you don't do anything about it, how do you think you could sustain your energy when you reach thirties?

Health maintenance should start when one is still healthy. Don't wait till health issues set in then try to nourish.

Jacelyn Tay 11/11/19

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