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Eliminate the negative to allow positive vibes flow again.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

A friend felt cold easily and sweat for no reason. She asked what food could better her health. She wanted to find out what was lacking in her diet and why her immune system was low.

Frankly, the first question one should ask is not "what else to add" to your diet but what have you been putting wrongly into your mouth, slowly poisoning your body.

The father of Western medicine Hippocrates said, "First do no harm."

As a health coach, my first job is to detect where the toxins come from. Environment? Food? Or mental? These could cause blockages in the body, impairing absorption of nutrients.

No matter what nutritious food or supplements you take, you don't seem to benefit from them if you cannot absorb them. And you wonder why you have seen doctors, TCM physicians, nutritionists and tried all kinds of "magic pills" but you are still not feeling well.

Medicine simply controls the condition. Healing can only take place when we put to a stop the damage we have done to our body and mind.

So, if you are not having the best of health now, slow down, check what have you allowed into your mouth, mind and space. Detox is not just for the body alone. Declutter your house, unfriend your poisonous negative people on social media, stay away from wrong foods and keep yourself and environment clean. These are the first things you should do.

Eliminate negative to allow positive vibes flow again.

Jacelyn Tay 17/06/2020

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