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Face and Back Acne, 33 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This client was a marathon runner. She was diagnosed with scoliosis in Feb 2019. She had numbness on both arms and neck.

Even holding a phone steadily sometimes can be challenging. She would drop her phone for no reason and she couldn't lift things up. She couldn't tilt her face too and always felt the body was crooked. Doctor suggested she should lose some weight and switch from desk bound job to something that doesn't require her to sit at the desk whole day. She was not overweight, Visceral Fat at 2, weighed 47.5k and body fat was 19.4%. Her main purpose to Body Inc. was to solve her face and back acne problem. She went through our #2OneResetDetoxProgram.

During my consultation with her, I suspected her back acne was due to clogged circulation on her spine, which affected the circulation of blood and qi (气) to her face, leading to acne on face. We also discovered that the core muscles on the left of her spine were higher than the right - an obvious clogged-up situation.

I asked my therapist to unclog the flow on the spine so as to bring nutrients up to the face. By Day 24 after she started detox, her face acne improved by 50%. The back popped out small little bumps after treatment. Her case was not an easy one because of the spine condition. However, by today Day 38, we managed to clear her face acne almost entirely. Her face used to look very oily but now is not oily anymore. Finally she can lift up heavy things, no more numbness. Her face doesn't tilt anymore and she feels her back is straighter. Back acne cleared up a lot, leaving scars which my team has to work on further. She lost 3kg and 1 level of VF. I explained to her that we should not have oily or dry skin if our internal health is balanced. We should only have nice, normal complexion. We did not even need to touch her face, acne disappeared.

This is the power of healing from within!

Jacelyn Tay 10/10/19

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