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Hives While Breastfeeding, 40 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This client was breastfeeding while very bad hives broke out all over her body in Aug this year.

Doctor put her on anti-histamine but warned that if she noticed any sign of sedation in her infant baby, she must send her baby to hospital immediately. I asked why didn't she stop the drug or stop breastfeeding since she had breastfed for 3 months already? She said she wanted to give breastmilk which was deemed the best for baby. Well, the problem is the quality of breastmilk is not at its best now. Even without medication, a mother with hives may indicate she has excessive heavy metal toxins in her body in which heavy metal could be passed down to her baby via breastmilk. That may lead to future eczema, hives or autoimmune disorders in her baby. In fact, my advice to mothers who themselves are suffering from eczema, hives or other autoimmune is to detox first before trying to conceive. In the end, she decided to stop antihistamine and use natural remedies to resolve her hives. She was put on #2OneResetDetoxProgram at @bodyinc. . First three days without drug, she took a banana and lips became swollen. I told her not to give up. Do not start the drug again for the baby's sake. Lolxx... She joked that antihistamine was like Lord of the Ring calling out to her. By the third day, her hives reduced by 70% even without antihistamine. She used to move her bowel only on alternate days. Now she can poop daily. By the 14th day, her hives which used to be like a big map of bumps have become small little bumps, but still itchy. Her recovery is a little slower than other hives cases because she is breastfeeding. Nutrients are going into production of the breastmilk. I asked her to eat more rice and all the wholesome veg, fruits, meat etc to regain her nutrients.

She will need nutrients to help build up and rebalance her immune system, then hives will be gone.

She took my advice, ate more rice and now she doesn't feel tired. Fatigue is the first sign of nutrient deficiency. Food is the best medicine. Eat well, eat right.

Jacelyn Tay 18/09/19

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