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Food is the best medicine.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Last night I had no chance for dinner till 10pm due to back-to-back consultations and an emergency case. For the first time I broke my rule of "Never skip meals for work".

Meals and sleep are two fundamentals for health. I do not allow my staff to skip meals/ sleep for work too. Life must be balanced.

When I began my video consultation, my heart went out to this client. She cried, reciting her story. She had childhood eczema & sinus, was given topical steroid as a child. Come teenage yrs, eczema spread to e entire body. Topical steroid was impossible. She switched to oral steroid for e last 20yrs, taking it for a wk every 2-3 months.

After delivery of her baby, eczema went worse. She was given high dosage of steroid for 3 months & nightmare began. Last 2 years her sinus became nose infection. She found out that steroid had much side effects & stopped it, but withdrawal was terrible. She tried seeing different doctors, homeopath, nutritionist, changing her diet and plenty of supplements. But her skin never fully recovered. She cried.

I assured her, she surely can! As with many cases of autoimmune disorders Body Inc. has handled in the past years, they have recovered so can she. The cure is prevention! And no more drugs. Only way is to eat right & rebalance the body systems.

Parents, please do not give more steroid to your poor kids. E root problem is diet. First, stop drug abuse & all sweets, milk/cheese, salmon/cod, nuts incl. peanut butter, bread, biscuits, cakes & all processed foods. Correct your child's diet and maybe yours too cos children follow what their parents eat & eat what is available at home.

Don't ask if you can bring your child to @bodyinc cos I'll not give any supplement to children.

They are still young and need to build their immune system. Change their diet to fresh fruits, vegetables, rice & meat. Make sure they poop daily. Drink only water. Drugs to suppress the immune system is a temporary easy way out. Food is the best medicine.

From my experience, even TCM medicine or supplements are not the best for children. 用药三分毒。If your child does not take in nutritious food daily, 仙丹都没用

I pray for all parents to have wisdom.

Jacelyn Tay 5/11/19

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