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Hives. 21 yr old.

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Her mum brought her to Body Inc. in Oct 2019 to resolve her hives problem. She had been taking antihistamine on alternate days. Before hives, she had eczema issues. She had bloating and sinus. Every morning, she would sneeze badly.

She was advised to stop antihistamine and start #2OneResetDetoxProgram at Body Inc.. After 21 days of detox, her hives reduced by 50%, sinus improved by 70%, bloating was much less, visceral fat (VF) dropped from 8 to 7. From Dec 2019, after two months of detox, she had no more hives till now Feb 2020 (except once, a few-hours of flareup when she drank steamboat soup made from a packet of broth full of MSG for CNY). Though she lost 5 kg, she still had sinus in the morning and visceral fat stayed at 7 since Nov 19. For a 21 yr old, VF 7 was pretty high. Ideal is VF 1. We suspected her nutrient level was not at the optimum, perhaps something was wrong with her diet. After a detailed check on her diet, we found out she had been cooking 5 days of meals on Sunday, kept them in fridge, and heat them up with microwave each day at work place.

Not healthy at all!

Foods are best to be eaten fresh and immediately after they are cooked. The longer we keep them in freezer and reheat, the more nutrients will be depleted, the higher risk of bacteria and food contamination, depending on the type of food frozen.

And microwaved food, due to the uneven nature of microwave heating, could have further food contamination risks. Especially for vegetables, vitamins and minerals are affected. If you are someone who wish to cook your own meals but find it troublesome and time consuming, invest in these: 1. Pressure cooker 2. Rice cooker 3. Vacuum Insulated Double stainless steel lunchbox

Plan for what you want to cook for Monday to Friday. Cut and prepare all the vegetables on weekends, organize and label the containers "Mon" "Tue"..."Fri". Same goes for frozen meat.

The night before, you just have to throw everything into the pressure cooker. Next morning, fill up your BPA-free lunchbox which could keep food at above 65 degree Celsius up to 6 hours till lunchtime.

Jacelyn Tay 25/02/2020

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