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Parents, do u know cocoa contains caffeine?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Though a cup of hot chocolate contains about 10% caffeine of what a cup of coffee has, kids below 12 should avoid caffeine totally.

Caffeine is defined as a stimulant DRUG because it stimulates the central nervous system, causing increased alertness.

Are you feeding your children soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate milk, chocolate ice-cream and cupcakes?

All these contain caffeine. If you think giving your young children dark chocolate is alright, think twice. 100g of dark chocolate has 40mg of caffeine while a cup of coffee has about 110mg caffeine.

Wonder why your kids are hyper, experiencing anxiety, acid reflux, sleep disturbance or weight gain? You may reconsider some of the snacks you are giving them.

Caffeine constricts blood vessels, raising blood pressure. For adults, if you are not able to perform daily activities or have your energy level up without caffeine, you are likely to have caffeine dependency or addiction.

How do you know what is the real problem food for you?

Below was my consultation with a client:

Her: I crave for cakes, ice-cream and chocolates.

Me: What cake is your favourite?

H: Choc cake.

Me: Your favourite ice-cream flavor?

H: Choc.

Me: Your favourite chocolate flavor?

H: Dark choc. I hate white choc.

Me: If I give you vanilla/strawberry ice-cream, do you want?

H: No. I only like choc ice-cream.

Me: So you only like choc cake, no other cakes?

H: No.

Me: My dear, sweets or sugar may not be the main issue here. You are addicted to chocolate! Let’s work on detoxifying your caffeine drug. Lolxx... that surely helps in your weight loss.

People might not be aware of the causes for their headaches, weight gain & pain.

Don’t just focus on calories. It is the nutrient content that counts.

Knowing your food is key to better health and weight. Balance is key. You can have a bit of treats but you must be fully aware of your limits and existing health issues.

Jacelyn Tay 14/04/2021

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