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Obesity is an Inflammatory disease.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Last evening I saw 2 clients (at east outlet) who were happy that their clothes are loose now despite little weight loss after 21 days.

We should not rush into weight loss in a short time if the body is very undernourished.

Weight loss in a wrong way will rebound with a vengeance. The body knows when is a good time to heal.

Obesity is an Inflammatory disease.

For digestion & metabolism to improve, we need time. Some can lose 6kg in 3 wks, some will take few months. It depends on how undernourished the body is and your health condition. But once body is healed, you may eat a lot more (of healthy food of course) but don't gain weight easily. We want long-lasting results not yo-yo weight gain and loss. One of the clients (45 yr old) asked, how come her clothes are loose now despite little weight loss. I explained that the body inflammation has reduced. She said yes, she had no more bloating or acid reflux now. She used to burp so much, even after drinking water. She is very happy that she feels healthier and her hair grew more. She put on 4kg the last 3 yrs. If near menopause, weight will keep creeping up. I explained that now, we continue to nourish her body with the right food to bring down visceral fat.

The other client had BMR 1400+ which indicates she had heavy muscles. Most ladies are around 1000 to 1200 only. I told her not to look too much into the weight but focus on reducing her body fats and visceral fat which is an indicator to diseases. I realized she had been eating cold cut fruits from the night before, and she brings it to office in a normal container not putting them into fridge till afternoon. This may lead to bloating which she is still experiencing now. She lost 3 kg but weight went up 1.3kg within last 4 days. Problem came from chilli padi which led to more bloating.

Healing starts from the gut.

If you want to lose weight, stay healthy and energetic, have beautiful skin, make sure you eat right first. And sleep well, drink ample water. Emotions has to be managed as well.

Jacelyn Tay 19/09/19

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