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Eczema, Customer's Testimonial.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Celestina, you are not alone, we understand you. There are those who are totally healed from steroid withdrawal and decades of eczema...I went through the entire journey with them. You are very brave. You will overcome this and many other things in life. You shall be healed, Amen!

In Celestina's words: "It’s a tough & long journey. It’s mentally & physically exhausting. I dread every night as my body gets hotter & more itchy at night. Body gets hot but still feeling the chills. This is one of the symptoms. I have to cut my nails every alternate days as I can’t control my scratching at all. It’s so itchy right deep into my bones. Sometimes I wish I can just tear my skin apart. I fear showering coz it hurts so much. Hot water makes me feel better but it makes my skin worse. Cold water makes me shiver & shower in pain. This is the kind of dilemma I get into. I don’t know how long will this last but I know I need to heal & healing takes time. I don’t know why is god putting me through this. Sometimes I wish he can just take me away & stop all these sufferings. It’s not only my skin that I have to heal. My slip disc, my immune, my mental health is all screwed up. I do not expect everyone to understand at this moment of time but I expect no unnecessary comments too."

Jacelyn Tay 08/02/2020

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