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Weight Problem, High Cholesterol, 49 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Happy for this client who lost 8.5kg (and still losing steadily), body fat % from 45.3% to 40.5% and Visceral Fat dropped from 11 to 9. She came to Body Inc. in Oct 2019.

Her case was pretty difficult cos she had high cholesterol (not on medication) since 4 yrs ago. She started putting on weight since 2017. At age 49, this is the menopausal period when hormones start to get imbalanced and for no reason, weight starts piling. Her right arm had been numb and there was tingling sensation. She had migraine once a month.

She wanted a holistic health and weight loss program which helped her to lose weight in the healthy way and sustainable weight loss.

She had tried other methods but she always put back the weight after a while.

When she was on #2OneResetDetox Program, she need not be hungry and she could eat unlimited proper wholesome food. Hence it was very sustainable for her to continue such healthy diet even after the 21-day detox.

Now she has no more migraine (for the past few months) and no numbness on her right arm. She asked if she could eat cakes and cookies since CNY is coming. She is Indonesian hence lapis are very tempting. My take was, avoid all CNY cookies but one or two lapis a week was fine. She is due for cholesterol checkup after CNY, hence I reminded her balance is key. Happy CNY, dear!!

Jacelyn Tay 15/01/2020

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