It is important to keep our living conditions clean, free from mould, free from toxins and dust.

Case Studies: Hives (environmental pollution related), 42 yr old. Erica came to resolve her hives problems on her limbs, body and forehead. She had been on antihistamine since Nov 2019.

She started detox 5 days ago. She stopped all medication and went totally on natural medicine and good nutrition. By yesterday night, her hives reduced by 80%. Even pimples on her skin cleared up. She could finally sleep through the night without scratching much. Her case was an interesting one. At the beginning of last year, since moving into a new house, her husband, herself, mother-in-law and her child all started falling sick. They had on-off flu, cough, fever and were taking on-off antibiotics and other medicines for almost a year. Thereafter, she and her husband both had hives in Nov 2019. They didn't understand why they kept falling sick. In Nov 2019, they moved out of the place and health got better. But for both of them hives still flared up till now. She suspected this place may be full of hidden fungus or chemicals that impacted on their health, hence the whole family fell sick. Yes, when the entire family suddenly keeps falling sick, we have to look not just into the diet and stress level, but also environmental pollution. I shared with her I have another case whereby the mother and all her 3 children had eczema since moving into a new house. Once they moved out, all her children recovered suddenly but she didn't. So she came to Body Inc. I have another case, suddenly experienced eczema and rashes when her office started renovating. And another very serious case, he suddenly suffered from immune complications after moving into his new office.

It is important to keep our living conditions clean, free from mould, free from toxins and dust.

Especially for those sensitive ones with weaker immune system, it is no joke to stay in a polluted place. Keep indoor detox plants if possible. Declutter and discard old furniture and unused stuff. It will do you good.

Jacelyn Tay 04/03/2020

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