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Gastric, 45 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Every Friday is the most hectic day but it is also the most rewarding one for me when I hear clients at Body Inc. getting healthier and stronger.

This client used to have very bad gastric, to the extent that she could faint from it.

Her hands and feet were always cold. She had disrupted sleep, Irritable bowel Syndrome and often feel bloated. She had been having hives for the past 6 months and was put on antihistamine but it didn't help. She started to put on weight since then too. She went on to our detox and nourishment program. After 17 days, I saw her yesterday. She reported that except for hives on the 6th day, she didn't have any attack since then even without antihistamine. Her hands and feet are not cold anymore, bowel movements are perfect, no IBS, and she can sleep well throughout the night now.

The best part is that she did not have any gastric during the detox program.

Many people are so reliant on a medication for any symptoms of discomfort like headache, gastric etc but what we should really do is to relook our diet and lifestyle and make a change to it. Sometimes it just take little changes, some knowledge and a few weeks to get back in health and shape.

You need to understand that when the body give you problem, it is because you gave it problem first lolxxx...

And it is not your fault. There are too many misleading articles about health and nutrition on the net now. Don't know which one is true! Listen to your body and feed it only food that it delights. A couple of changes goes a long way towards a more energetic, younger body.

Jacelyn Tay 30/03/19

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